1. xMaxrayx

    Portable pocket local Pi raspberry server?

    Hi idk which ram size and CPU spec should I go for? which model? I don't want to buy over kill performing hardware because most of time I will share is my OneNote and picture files and pdfs files (less than 100-300 MB) but they are like a lot 1k-5k files for example. should I go for 2GB or 4GB...
  2. Fast Forward Freddy

    Trying to mount a Fritz.Box NAS via Internet

    Hello *, I got a HDD connected as NAS to my FritzBox. I can easily mount it in my home network using the local IP-address. On my Laptop, I would like to mount the NAS via the Internet, so I can access my own private home-cloud ;o) I did configure the Fritz!NAS so I can access it via...
  3. K

    Linux Tux art pack

    Hi, guys! A couple of days ago, I created Tux art that may be actual to you before Christmas. Look Here It free for personal use, but I will grateful if you decide to support me. Happy Holidays!
  4. S

    MPU nteraction with a Endpointrest through wifi

    Hello everyone, I received my STM32MP157C-DK2 device and I built a Buildroot-image and flashed it successfully. I am new to STM32 and to the IoT field so perhaps you can orient me and tell me which Programs I need to do so. I want to write a "hello_world" program that sends hello_world every...
  5. blackneos940

    Using My Old ASUS X205TA As A Pseudo-Chromebook

    So I tried not using smileys in the question title like I usually do to help people when they search on the Interwebz..... :3 Anywho, if you look the specs up, you'll find that this Laptop is best used with either a BSD Distro, or some Linux Distro..... So I went with Xubuntu..... :3 I...