Trying to mount a Fritz.Box NAS via Internet

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Jan 11, 2023
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Hello *,

I got a HDD connected as NAS to my FritzBox. I can easily mount it in my home network using the local IP-address. On my Laptop, I would like to mount the NAS via the Internet, so I can access my own private home-cloud ;o)

I did configure the Fritz!NAS so I can access it via https://>cryptical-alphanumerical-address<>my-selected-portnumber</nas

Access via Browser works fine. I would like to mount that Address like I do in my home network. Replacing the local IP-Number in /etc/fstab by the https-String doesn't work.
What can I do?



running Manjaro on a HP Elitebook

Has your ISP given you a public IP address? Have they opened the correct port on your router?
If you can do it on your lan it's probably a port forward on your isp router that needs to be configured.
Hi guys, thx for trying to help, much obliged.

>cryptical-alphanumerical-address< in my first post ist the fixed public address given by my ISP. It looks something like this: ""
So, even if my IP-address changes (usually every other week), this address is always the same.
>my-selected-portnumber< in my first post is the portnumber that I myself configured on my router (let's say 12345).

Typing in my browser, I can log in via internet to my NAS => that means, address & port work fine, right?!

This is the entry in my /etc/fstab for a local mount:
// /mnt/mynas cifs credentials=/home/ricky/.smbcredentials,vers=3.0,uid=1000,gid=1001,noserverino,,x-systemd.automount 0 0

This works fine. If I replace "//" with "" I get "mount.cifs: bad UNC".

If I cut out the "https:", I get "mount error: could not resolve address for (...)"

any ideas?!
There's free (and paid) dynamic DNS services. You run a lightweight client that updates your DNS when it changes and you get a static address like mydevice.dyn.dns or the likes.
Hi Kgill,
not sure, if you noticed my last post: That cryptical address is my static address. It doesn't change and I can access the NAS via internet (browser) with this address anytime.
I suspect that the error lies with the fstab entry. I guess something is missing?! Maybe the portnumber has to go somewhere else (i.e. not part of the address)?
It's not very smart to mount smb shares of the internet, if you are wanting to mount a share from your nas over the internet it's probably best to use https but your nas would have to support webdav to be able to mount it.
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Hi ... well ... dm-bits,

I tried davfs, unfortunately it is not supported by the fritzbox. Why is smb a problem?

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