using mutt utility getting unwanted characters in the Message-ID header


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Sometimes I'm getting the following for the Message-id:
<[email protected][6;6~>
<[email protected]▒>
The last few characters are causing the remote smtp server to reject the email.
If I remove the charcaters and resend the emails I get no errors and the emails go through.

SMTP session failed: 501 5.0.0 Invalid domain name
my .muttrc file
# About Me
set from = "[email protected]"
set realname = "Bob Arnold"
set ascii_chars = "yes"
set edit_headers = "yes"
# My credentials
set smtp_url = "smtp://199.99.999.99:25/"
set header_cache = "~/.mutt/cache/headers"
set message_cachedir = "~/.mutt/cache/bodies"
set certificate_file = "~/.mutt/certificates"

Mutt 1.5.21 (2010-09-15)

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