Solved USB ports issue - really slow

Solved issue
Maybe I'm not understanding "its only the kernel that's newer".
From my interpretation, that's what I understood but could be that there other some other new software in there too I doubt otherwise it wouldn't have the exact same version name "21.3". That's what I was saying before, usb drivers are in the kernel so it installing the mainline kernel would have solved your issues as well probably.
was running the 6.5 kernel prior to the managed upgrade due to the original not supporting my monitor.
Yeah you were but you were running some generic kernel, provided by Ubuntu probably not the official mainline. I did mention it.
The other thing you could also try is the most recent kernel.
So with Linux Mint Edge they seem to have provided a recent kernel with what you need. So stick to that for now. I just dislike doing a reinstall and switching of distribution if it something that could be fixed with a lower or higher kernel that I can install in my current installed distribution. Whatever floats your boat ;)
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Thanks, Alex.

Nah, you could call it "We've all been there, done that, got a t-shirt on the way", although some may not admit it so readily.

Do I take it from

that monitor works and USB ports work?

If so, then a Timeshift snapshot might be in order.
You're welcome-
Me too friend, BTDT many times.

What's important is that we learn from our mistakes.
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