Ubuntu 20.04 What PPA have the dependencies required for ffmpeg 4.4.3 ?


Aug 12, 2020
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Thanks for reading my topic.
I have tested install ffmpeg 4.4.3 in focal 20.04, but need install dependencies below :


From lunar to current mantic are the files below

Not any Ubuntu version have

I remember being possible installing 4.4.3 in focal 20.04 using PPA from https://launchpad.net/~savoury1/+archive/ubuntu/ffmpeg4.
However the PPA owner have disabled GPU enconding acceleration in current ffmpeg builds and removed previous version too.
I not have information if PPA owner https://launchpad.net/~savoury1/+archive/ubuntu/ffmpeg4 had the dependencies and was removed too.

I only want ffmpeg with Nvidia nvenc acceleration for geforce 600 kepler. Have some ffmpeg current builds not having acceleration for geforce 600.
I had downloaded some ffmpeg build and even an source code, but only had wrong help informations not being possible compiling.

Thanks for using your time reading.
Have an nice day.

This one:
https://pkgs.org/search/?q=libvmaf1 ......shows the below, in "distros"

Not ... not any files dependencies in pkg.org.
Not is simple find an solution for it =(
@aug7744 :-

What you need are John van Sickle's 'statically-compiled' ffmpeg binaries. And you can find those here:-


I know most will be horrified at the mere thought of going outside the "official" repositories. But just sometimes, "thinking outside the box" - and taking something of a 'lateral approach', means that occasionally it pays to do JUST THAT.

These 'static' ffmpeg binaries have been built, at compile time, with every required dependency 'built-in'. So you don't NEED to try and track down dependencies through your package manager.

I've been using these things for several years. They completely transformed audio/video stuff in Puppy Linux, because Puppy always used to come with a 'crippled', incredibly basic stripped-back build of ffmpeg.......which wouldn't support many newer functions.

They might come from outside the official repos. But you can take it from me, they're as safe as houses to use. Nothing bad will come of your doing so.


Yes, Linux IS very safe by nature. But one of Linux's biggest strengths is that it also gives you the freedom to make your system do exactly what you want it to. And - I'm sorry to have to say it! - IF you limit yourself exclusively to your distro's repositories, you're wilfully denying yourself the chance to try many excellent pieces of software.......simply because they're available through 'non-official' channels.

On our side of the fence, we don't stand to gain anything by bundling 'nasties' in with software packages. Most, over here, put great store on their reputations. A reputation is easy to lose.......and takes much effort to re-establish. So most on this side are NOT prepared to take the risk, and anything they supply, hosted at places like Github, is guaranteed safe as houses.


I run a Kepler-based Asus GeForce GT710, along with the official drivers compiled from the Nvidia-supplied .run files. Mine does everything you would expect of it.....

Just my tuppence-worth, FWIW.

Mike. ;)
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Thanks for replying.
Possibly even if using savoury private PPA not works because the ffmpeg version having gpu enconding is ffmpeg 5 and need the same dependencies listed in that topic too.


I had tested ffmpeg builds from https://johnvansickle.com/ffmpeg , "works" without gpu enconding acceleration.
Here tested with GF GT 640 Nvidia's binary driver 470.
However is possible use gpu enconding nvenc using others softwares.

"IF you limit yourself exclusively to your distro's repositories, you're wilfully denying yourself the chance to try many excellent pieces of software"

"I run a Kepler-based Asus GeForce GT710, along with the official drivers compiled from the Nvidia-supplied .run files. Mine does everything you would expect of it....."
You use an GT710 and the ffmpeg from https://johnvansickle.com/ffmpeg use nvenc acceleration ? Perhaps is the distro Puppy Linu allowing run it ?
If you’re insisting on building ffmpeg from source and it has updated dependencies that aren’t in your Linux distributions repositories yet, you’ll need to build and install those from source too.
Which could be a whole world of fun!

Usually on Debian - if I’m building anything from source, the first thing I’ll do is install the build-dependencies for whatever version of the package is in the repositories - if there even is one.

Very often that will get you 90% of the required dependencies. Unless that project has changed drastically.

Then I’ll clone the source code from git (or svn, or bzr, or whatever VCS is being used).
Then I’ll read the README files and will work out how to start configuring the build.
Run the configuration script, it could be standard GNU configure and make, or it might be using a different build system (cmake, meson, ninja etc).
Either way try to get the build configured. If I have any missing, or updated dependencies - I’ll download source code for the appropriate versions of the missing dependencies. I install the build dependencies for the repo versions of those.
Then I configure the builds for those and build and install them, or go further down the chain and install sources and dependencies for libraries they rely on.

So depending on what new dependencies are required - in the worst case scenario, you may have a whole chain of dependencies (and dependencies of dependencies) to build and install before you can build and install the main package.

But that’s a worst case scenario. Very often you’ll find that very few dependencies have changed that drastically. And if you’re extremely lucky, the underlying dependencies won’t have changed at all. The only changes are to the source code of the project. In which case, the project will build first time.

I’m sure I’ve built and installed ffmpeg in the past and I don’t recall it being that difficult. But again, at that time, perhaps I got lucky because ffmpeg’s dependencies hadn’t changed much from the Debian repositories version of ffmpeg.

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