Ubuntu 16.04 Server 32bit to change 64bit


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May 14, 2020
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The server instance was initially created 32bit. After that, it was upgraded to a 64bit. If I go to the terminal and check the command uname -im and uname -a ( x86_64 )then I see OS 64bits.

If I check with its command getconf LONG_BIT then output get 32.

The problem I have is that when I installed PHP5.6 it only supported 32bits. As a result, PHP is not fully supporting my code. As I am facing issues regarding php max upload size. I can't able to upload file max size 2gb because of php 32bit. My problem may be solved if I go to php 64bit. Let me know if you have a better solution.

$ php -r 'echo PHPINTMAX;'

output = 2147483647

Please give me a solution so I can do my job properly.
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