ubuntu 16.04 lts

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    Username/Password incorrect after fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04LTS Server

    I have installed ~5 times a ubuntu server 16.04LTS on a virtual machine (VirtualBox) and only once has the OS recognized my un/pw as correct. I have made sure every time I do an install that the un/pw are accurate to what I want and anticipate upon startup and login. All but one time has the...
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    Tools for code development

    Dear Linux, I want to make my code as looks good for that I want to do space allocation and variable decleartion, etc Please provide the Linux tool which is better for code developement means allocation of space within 80 Regards, VinothS
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    Integrate Ubuntu with Windows Active Directory

    Hello, The profiles of the computers need to be provided by the Linux server, we have to make sure that is linked with the Active Directory of the Windows server. And the home folders of the users are supposed to be supplied by the Windows server. Can anyone tell me what i need for this, or if...
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    Ubuntu 16.04 LTS upgrading or installing new verion of Linux

    Hi, I have Linux 16.04 Lts on my machine and it usedU to try to upgrade browsers and other stuff, but said my boot folder and some other folders were to full. Now it won't let me try to upgrade manually threw the upgrade icon in the control panel. I tried emptying the folders it said but...