Troubles with Linux install.


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Hello everyone:
I have an old laptop Toshiba Satellite P25-S607 with Windows 7(32 bits) and it is working very fine.
But I am trying to install any Linux distro, let´s say Linux Mint, Xubuntu, Kubuntu or Ubuntu and cannot do it because at the beginning of the installation, the screen becomes hard to read, everything is cloudy, and i am guessing what is next.
I think it is troubles with the display controllers, it´s an Nvidia card.
The question is: How can I avoid this problem?
Any help is welcome.



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Hi: and Welcome to

Is that an Intel chip set in your Toshiba?

You might have to use 'nomodeset' in order to install Ubuntu.

Disabling Modesetting

Along with nomodeset kernel parameter, for Intel graphics card you need to add i915.modeset=0 and for Nvidia graphics card you need to add nouveau.modeset=0

Here's a thread that explains nomodeset and how to use it.

How to enable kernel options on the livecd (before install)

If you have trouble understanding the information above, try this:

Boot from the Ubuntu installation media.
Highlight Try Ubuntu without installing.

Press the E key - add nouveau.modeset=0 at the end of the linux line.
Then press the F10 key to boot the Ubuntu Live desktop environment.