Trouble Booting up Ubuntu

Wiz, I'm using Chrome, and it's not a browser-will-not-save my password issue; does not accept the password I'm using. Every time I log in it rejects the password that's saved, then entered manually, so I do a Forgot Password request. When I get the Linux link I reenter the SAME PASSWORD every time. Why it do that to me? Does it want a stronger password? Then it should not be passive aggressive and say so.

BTW, Spousal Unit and I were in Oz two years ago. Took a month to drive a (too big!) RV down the east coast, from the Daintree to Sydney. We're saving our pennies for a west coast run of the same duration. And then comes Darwin.

You drove past us and didn't wave? I'm near Stanthorpe, it is in the curly bit of the Queensland/NSW border formed by the river system that ultimately links to the mighty Murray.

On passwords - our Admin @Rob handles issues of that nature. The use of @ before a username does two (2) things
  1. Has an autocomplete function, handy for long names like mine, or those with mixed upper lower case and numerals
  2. It produces an alert to the mentioned person for when next they enter the site, that their name has been used.

So by my doing so, Rob will find your problem here.

But if you want to cover your bases, post a small thread here -
... and mention his name as I have just described.

Rob is mostly a one man band running the place, albeit he is ably assisted by Moderators such as Stan
@atanere and @Scotsgeek . Stan also gets the unenviable job of cleaning up the Spammers whom try to sell us dietary supplements :oops:


BTW how's the 'buntu baby coming along?
Yes, @Rob may have to look into this password issue, but we've had a couple of other folks with similar complaints about passwords lately (and unfortunately none have come back to report if any of our suggestions have helped or if they have found other solutions). So, to start down this password path again.... let's get back to your Toshiba laptop. You haven't yet told us the model, and Toshiba makes many, so all we can do is guess about some things.

On your keyboard, on the right side only, do you see that some keys have a secondary function (called with the Fn key)... and these functions are totally different characters? For example, on a small netbook that I have: the U=4, I=5, O=6, P=* (then the next row down shows) J=1, K=2, L=3 (then the next row down shows) M=0.

If you do a password reset with the forum... try a password that does not use any of these keys, even if it is something short and simple to test this theory. If you can then log in successfully without error we will see if we can disable that secondary keyboard function so that all the keys would work properly. If this little trick fails to work, maybe @Rob will have a better idea about what may be happening.

Hope your Ubuntu is purring right along now! We will have some questions for you about it, and I think you will have some questions for us about it too. But for now.... g'nite. :D
The forum accepted my password today! Yay!

I am busy getting a runabout (it's a Tinny, Wiz) seaworthy, so have only played with Ubuntu long enough to determine that it will take Word and Excel docos without stepping on them overmuch, and that Excel and Word will read the OfficeLibre equivalents the same way. So yay! My husband will play with it one of these days soon and I'll help him set up more stuff. I'm coming into this forum either by my Surface Book or my custom tower. Both run Win10, which I like. And MS products all seem to like me, unlike anything Apple, which, uniquely, goes BSOD in my presence.

Now to the questions I did not answer from my <cyber> guides:

Wiz, I waved at you from Big4 Gold Coast RV park, but you might not have seen me cuz we were swarmed by the biggest pelicans I have ever seen. Then were were dazzled by masses of Rainbow Lorikeets.

I totally replaced Win with Linux on the Toshiba. It loads like lighting now, but still overheats. If My Doug (there are so many hereabouts) likes it I will buy it a new battery and in the meantime I will open it up and vacuum out all its parts. Didn't do a bit of good last time, but times change and so do OSs.

atanere, as I mentioned I haven't entered the forum using Ubuntu yet, though I have played with Firefox on it. I did not like Firefox in the past because it always wanted an update. So far so good on this one. I was also pleased that notepad.txt is happy to go between Ubuntu and MS. At some point I will probably want to compose webpages on the former so it's good to know there is a basic no-formatted program to use. My Toshiba is a satellite, but I think the further details are a moot point now, yes?

Thanks for all your help. I'll certainly come whining for more!

Fair winds
I totally replaced Win with Linux on the Toshiba. It loads like lighting now, but still overheats.
Glad that your installation has gone okay... and that will probably mostly conclude this thread. Overheating is a common problem on laptops, and there are some tools you can install to evaluate and adjust some of the computer settings that may help to reduce the excessive heat. This will make a good topic for a new thread if you need to pursue it further.

I did not like Firefox in the past because it always wanted an update.
Updates are good things! With Linux, you really don't need to run an anti-virus program, but your web browser is the most active attack surface that you expose to the Internet... it is best to update it when offered, no matter which browser you use. Firefox is included with Ubuntu, but you can also run Chrome (or Chromium), Opera, Vivaldi, and others. Another new thread you may want to create is "how to install new software in Ubuntu?"

My Toshiba is a satellite, but I think the further details are a moot point now, yes?
There are MANY Satellite models too, but yes, it's a moot point for now.

We all hope that you enjoy your Linux journey! It may not be as much fun as sailing, but there are many computer deck hands here to help you along as you need it.

Fair winds to you, and may the rum never run dry! :D:D:D
... and that will probably mostly conclude this thread.

Hold your horses, Boss (or should that be sea horses? :confused:)

@Deckwench - speaking about security, it is important with nearly any or every Linux Distribution (distro) you use to enable your firewall once you are up and running, it does not happen by default.

The most common one is called UFW - for Uncomplicated Fire Wall - and it is installed but needs activating.

Go to Activities, top left corner of your screen, and click, start to type in Terminal, an icon will appear, and click it.

The icon will then also be on your Favourites bar at left (I would right-click and Add to Favourites, as you will have use of it). In Ubuntu and Linux Mint you can also launch it with Ctrl-Alt-t.

In Terminal type in and enter

sudo ufw enable

You will be asked for your password, type it in (there will be no movement of the insertion point, for security reasons) and press Enter.

You will be rewarded with a message that your firewall is enabled (in real time, ie right now, no need to reboot), and that a small script will run to do same every time you boot or reboot.

You can check at any time, to see it is on, with

sudo ufw status
... but there should be no need.

Between UFW and a firewall at your router, many Linux users (myself included) feel no need to add additional antivirus software, although it is available if you require it.

Cheers, enjoy your Linux, and

Avagudweegend !


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