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I've posted this topic in other forums and, instead of answering my question, was advised about legal issues pertaining to the downloading of movies. I am seventy years old and do not care to be lectured on legal issues. I'd like to state first, therefore, that not all movies are protected by copyrights. I like old movies. Really old! Sure they can be found on You Tube. Please note that I'm not asking where to find movies that will download via browsers. There are other clients like Miro that I could, perhaps, use but again, this question is how to use Transmission. Please do not tell me about alternatives. I am only asking about how to use Transmission.

The topic is the torrent client "Transmission". On some torrent websites now there has been a change. Instead of simply downloading a torrent only a small .exe file is provided which the user, using MS or Apple, will then execute thus beginning the download. This is of no use on Linux as we all know (unless there is something I haven't heard). I've noticed that many other sites are changing to this "downloader file" format. On the Transmission website there is no forum or user group in which questions can be asked. The tutorial simply states "drag the URL....", etc but no URL's are presented on those sites that offer .exe files.

How do Linux users manage downloading, using Transmission, when only an .exe file is made available? Or is it hopeless?




If i recall transmission doesn't download .exe files.... I have used transmission on both OS X and Linux with no issues. I think that the files are downloaded with the extension that is native to the application (transmission) so it should not be .exe
Hope that helps


I can help you. Could you point out any particular page on which there's only a .exe to download torrent peer-to-peer shared files? You can send me a private message if you prefer.

Torrent sites provide people with .torrent files or magnet links (the last ones can be slightly tricky for older users who didn't integrate their torrent client to their browsers), while the .exe files come from sponsored links to paid file servers/usenet-like services, these aren't even torrent peer-to-peer based.


I've not encountered this, but the only reason I can think of to package a movie in an .exe format is to gain control of Windows PCs, presumably to install Windows malware.

But if you want to experiment, you might try running it under Wine.

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