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Dear friends,

I'm a beginner Linux user. I am using VMware Workstation to run CentOS in its environment. I have promoted my PC memory Ram to 12 GB and allocate 9.7 GB to CentOS by VMware. However, when I open the Terminal in CentOS and run the "$ free -m" code in it, the memory info in CentOS is about 3GB.
How can I allocate maximum memory RAM of VMware (9.7 GB) to CentOS? In other words, How can I use maximum memory RAM allocated to CantOS by VMware?

I attached a screenshot from my VMware and CentOS to this threat.[IMG alt="Click image for larger version.
Name: 1.jpg Views: 6 Size: 158.2 KB ID: 157066"][/IMG]

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Hey there,

I'd suggest uploading your image directly to your post - the one you linked requires a login on the remote site..

Can you copy/paste the output of 'free -m' in the post as well?
Than you for your reply
I attached the image again at the end of this massage, and this is the output of "free -m":

[email protected]:~> free -m
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 3023 522 2501 0 43 356
-/+ buffers/cache: 122 2901
Swap: 1128 0 1128


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Try allocating exactly 8 GB

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