Today's article is kinda a repeat about 'installing' SSH.


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That there's a misnomer, but I see it used so I ran with it twice. You're really installing OpenSSH-server and enabling SSH.

Either way, it's from the old site - sorta. I copied a dozen sentences from the old one. I want to do some SSH articles, and it seemed prudent to get this one up and running. So, you've possibly seen this information presented a different way or on any number of other sites.

Feedback is pretty awesome. Also, whoever has been sharing to social media - thanks! (I've only manually shared on Reddit.) I don't mind upgrading the bandwidth too much.


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Are there any disro's that don't come with sshd already installed by default?

I know some (such as Fedora workstation) have it installed but disabled.
Yet other have it enabled, but disallow root ssh. (I have mixed feeling about this).

I tend to mostly work on servers without GUI's installed, so ssh is a way of life.
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