Today's article is about Lubuntu but works for other distros...


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Jul 23, 2020
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I tested this in Lubuntu and Linux Mint. In Mint, the colors were off - likely due to my using a dark theme and it being GTK3 application. It was just fine in Lubuntu, though I didn't have anything plugged into that device. Still, that's where I did the screenshot.

You can use a GUI method to view your USB devices. You don't have to use the terminal. I figured I'd cover this. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Another excellent great in Mint and will come in very handy...thank you.
Another excellent great in Mint and will come in very handy...thank you.

Glad you like it I found it looked like this on my Mint:

USB Viewer_001.png

Still, it can be read.

I figured folks might like a GUI article, as well. We do a lot in the terminal on Linux-Tips, but it's fine to use a GUI now and then.

I should probably have mentioned that people can install it without the terminal, but I didn't think of that at the time. That way someone could follow the whole article without actually using the terminal.

Maybe I'll add that at some point.
I installed it via Software Manager in Linux Mint 21.3

Quick & Simple.

A terminal popped open and informed me that the app requires sudo....please enter password....which I did.......and the whole thing works like a bright, shiny Penny !


I note that it requires me to enter my password each time I open it....which I do from menu...type in is there.

Good article. Useful.
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Yup. That'd be why the article uses sudo and says 'Yes, you need elevated permissions. It throws an error otherwise.'

You can run lsusb without sudo. I'm not quite sure why an application like this would need sudo, but it does.

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