Today's article is a relatively easy article about user management...


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Jul 23, 2020
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As mentioned in previous articles, you have all sorts of users on your system. You may not use those users for anything directly, but they exist. Linux is a multi-user system. In fact, that granularity and separation are what made Linux more secure than other operating systems.

Well, you can add additional users. It's easily done. I'v covered some of that before, but this is just simply adding another user, as though you might share a desktop with them.

Ah well...

By the way, Mother Nature may very well take me offline again tomorrow.

And this weekend...

I went a few years without any major outages. This year is making up for it. The satellite is still down so I'm dependent on cell service. If the power goes out, it stays up for a while but eventually loses power.

I'll be roasty toasty and have electricity. I just won't have internet access.

I went ahead and did a couple of articles ahead of time. That way there will still be articles if I'm offline.
LOL Your the one who likes all this white stuff! :p

I love the stuff.

Sadly, it'll warm up and be rain for much of the area. It may stay snowy here, which will be alright by me.

And, I live here on purpose. To make it more interesting, I'm in a microclimate where I get exceptionally high winds as I'm just a few mountains (as the crow flies) from Mt. Washington.

I'm okay with it. It's already different than when I first moved here, but I'm going to remain an optimist and hope for more snow. I'll take the outages, so long as I get some snow to play in. If you're any good at car control, driving in the snow is a great treat. So, I have that to (maybe) look forward to. They're still not sure if I'll get just snow or if it will turn to rain.

It's the rain that causes the flooding. I am not going to flood, but others do. It was deadly last time, so let's hope we avoid that this time around. Then, there's the same pattern coming over the weekend. This could mean extended outages for some, but they can go up in the bucket (to repair things) up to 40 MPH winds.

They've also rolled a bunch of trucks ahead of time. Nearby states are on standby, ready to roll extra linesmen if needed. There were a dozen or so standing down in the village earlier today. That's a good sign as far as grid power goes.

I wouldn't mind the outages but it takes out my 'net. When I get Starlink set up, I won't have to worry about that as often - I hope. We'll see how it does during storms and heavy cloud cover. If it's anything like the existing satellite connection (which is down due to the last storm), it'll be horrible - but I'm optimistic. It even supplies its own heat, so I don't have to shovel it out! They'll be launching new clusters soon and my area will then be covered. I'm looking forward to 150 MB/sec bandwidth!

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