Today's article has you mounting an .iso...


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Jul 23, 2020
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This is a pretty basic article about mounting an .iso so that you can manipulate it - like extracting files from it. You won't have to do this often and you can probably open an .iso in at least file-roller. So, you may not need to mount an .iso in the terminal. Well, you can - and this is how you do it in Lubuntu.

Granted, these directions are going to work in pretty much every distro out there - but I was using Lubuntu at the time, so that's what the article is specific to. You'll not have to adjust much on most other distros, though some may not use the /media directory or have the /media directory. So, be sure to check that out first.

Enjoy! (I'm a bit busy today with real-world things, but I'll be in and out throughout the day.)

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