Today's article has you listing the kernels you've got installed in Ubuntu...


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Jul 23, 2020
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So, today is a pretty basic article, hardly any fun at all!

This is Linux, so there are almost always multiple ways to accomplish something. In this case, I've shared a couple of easy ways to show you which kernels you have installed on your Ubuntu system. Yes, you probably have multiple kernels installed - and that's a good thing.

This of course works in Debian. We have a "Debian and derivatives" sub-forum, plus we have an Ubuntu sub-forum. We even have a Mint sub-forum. Ubuntu is based on Debian and Mint is based on Ubuntu (except LMDE, of course). So, there's a whole family of distros that this will work on. I gotta pick one name or have a giant headline. So, I choose Ubuntu - even though it'll happily work in all the official Ubuntu flavors and many more distros.

Ah well... Enough mindless drivel...

Also, I'm sure many of you have noticed the nag screen that invites you to sign up for article notifications. I'm afraid it's going to stay there. It has been remarkably successful.

If you're in some countries, you may notice a cookie nag. I dislike the nags as much as you do, but Google made me put 'em there for AdSense reasons. The nag should only show up if you're in a country that requires it. Don't blame me, blame your government.

Finally, there's a nag to whitelist the site in your ad blocker. I dunno how often that shows up, or if it even does. I enabled that a little while back. There's a tiny uptick in ad revenue, but I'm not sure if that's the cause.

Alright, this is long enough and information has been shared!

For redhat/fedora based systems....

dnf list installed | grep kernel-core
For redhat/fedora based systems....

dnf list installed | grep kernel-core

Shh! I plan on doing an article for those too. LOL
I like the Update Manager in Mint Cinnamon that shows all the Kernels and those that can be removed.

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