Today's article has you examining the various files installed when you install software...


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Jul 23, 2020
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I'm not sure where to put this one, so it goes in 'command line'. It could go under Debian or any apt-using distro specific sub-forum. Ah well...

When you install software, say a browser, you're probably not installing just a single file. Instead, you're installing all sorts of files along with the application's main binary file. (There are obvious exceptions.)

So, why not learn what files are installed when you install that software? We use 'dpkg' for this, so this article is useless for a bunch of distros. If you use apt, you use dpkg and this should work just fine for you...

It might be a useful command for debugging, but it can also be illuminating in showing a user how much stuff actually gets installed when they install a piece of software.

Other than that, it's really not all that useful... It can be useful, but probably not that useful for most users.

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