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Hi, I'm wondering if it's possible to save the Timeshift snapshots to a network share ?

I see that people recommending a second drive inside the same box. I see the wisdom in that since you want to have a system snapshot in case the original system disk becomes inaccessible. Instead of a second drive a network share is preferred, since your computer might be stolen or get "fried" losing both disks.

I have a network share auto mounted (fstab), but of course the mount is not a drive pertition and doesn't show up in Timeshift location selection window.
Is it possible to have a network share mounted as a partition / volume that Timeshift will recognize ?

Or is there a logical explanation why it is not recommend to do this ?

Thank you.


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G'day @Patrickk and welcome to linux.org :)

Windows file systems, remote and network storages are not supported by Timeshift currently, even though the underlying engine is rsync.


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