The reasons why Linux will never go above 2.something% of computer users.

Just name your computer "Everything", that way you can say "I know everything".

If I did that, I'd have to switch to BSD. Of all of them, GhostBSD is the most slick - I think. If you've never tried it, it's worth poking at. As desktops go, and I'm a minimalist in this area, it's definitely one of the better looking ones.

Or at least it was the last time I played with it. It has been a while.

The amusing thing is Linux runs almost everything they touch. From their router to the very websites they visit, it's Linux.

All the super computers? Linux.

And, it's actually closer to 4% which seems minimal but that's about 40 *million* desktop Linux users. Oh no!

Linux runs your phone, your TV, your router, every site you visit pretty much, and is even on Mars.

Ain't no Windows on Mars...
This was to be my answer. MS has most the desktop market, Apple has some of the portable device markets, and some of the desktop. Linux/BSD has pretty much everything else, which also includes IoT. It just happens that the big percentage of what Linux runs is invisible to the user, and thus uncounted.
Hmm... If we go that route, I think Mac OS is a BSD - but I'm not sure about their mobile OS.

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