Suspend Question

Snort McDork

Apr 4, 2020
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I put this thing (Cinnamon) in suspend often to keep what ever I'm working on active until later.

When I take it out of suspend, the mouse will NOT engage or move. So I am forced to Restart to get mouse to function again.

This frustrates me because if I'm working on something in Gimp, it does not always allow me to "restore/recover" previous session.

Any idea why the Mouse is frozen up coming out of Suspend?


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I had similar issues with suspend at one time but in ubuntu. The screen just stayed black or it would display but nothing worked. I think it had something to do with my nvidia card at the time and I disabled a certain deep sleep. I‘d need to search for it to find it again. What gpu are you using?
@Snort McDork :-

Simple fix.

If you remove the mouse dongle - or connector, if wired - for a count of 30, then re-insert, it should then function.......because the system creates a new inode for it, and re-mounts it back into the file-system in a new location.

I think that's how the 'technical' bit works. Whatever. If I have this issue (almost always with suspend, natch!), doing the above invariably works for me.

Mike. ;)
Was I supposed to restart after unplugging it?
It didn't work. Still locked up after coming out of Suspend.