1. Snort McDork

    Double Trouble (problems)

    Okay, I hope these are not too difficult. First off, for some reason when I'm away from this thing for an extended period, screensaver will not engage. I've played with the timing and it still sits on/in same mode when I left. The second matter is if I try to put this in sleep mode (I know, I...
  2. W


    So I just got Linux Mint MATE, I think 19.something, most recent, but whenever I close my laptop and it suspends, it crashes the OS. I have it set so it doesn't suspend, but it drains the battery. Is there a better way to go about this?
  3. L

    Suspend or hibernate?

    I am using Arch based Antergos and tried the "Suspend" to go and make some coffee. When I came back it thought that I must only move the mouse and the PC will come back to live. I tried ctrl+alt+delete and stuff like that and nothing happened.] I presumed that the PC was off and pressed the...
  4. Z

    Not working suspend and hibernation, /dev/snapshot ENODEV

    I'm trying to get suspend working on my box. And the machine can not make the snapshot of the current state. The main problem I think in the following cat < /dev/snapshot -bash: /dev/snapshot: No such device My kernel version is 4.14.114. I tried to adjust the suspend and hibernation on...