Suspend or hibernate?


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Apr 2, 2019
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I am using Arch based Antergos and tried the "Suspend" to go and make some coffee.

When I came back it thought that I must only move the mouse and the PC will come back to live. I tried ctrl+alt+delete and stuff like that and nothing happened.]

I presumed that the PC was off and pressed the power button and I was just where I was before suspending the PC.

It seems that the state of the PC is saved to RAM and then the session is restored again after coming out of suspend. I that right? It no big deal, I was just wondering. It works great.

As I understand hibernate, the session is stored on the hard disk and restored when it is woken up again?

I think I will only ever use suspend, sounds more reliable than hibernate. Maybe the bear gets angry when it's woken up?

Suspend definitely it is more reliable.

Some computers mostly laptops don't want to wake up from Hibernation.
Suspend definitely it is more reliable.
I like using Budgie desktop but it's power save features are more limited in comparison with XFCE where you have lots of options to make the monitor go blank and shut off and so on.

I guess it doesn't make much of a difference with a LED monitor?

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