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Mar 1, 2024
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Hi, I am somewhat new to Linux, but I do have Mint running on two laptops and I am interested in running Linux on a couple of old old desktops.

The oldest is:
AMD486-40 with 20Mb RAM and 325&407Mb HD
I've looked at various distros and can't seem to see one I think would work. All I really want to do with it is use as a backup for files, so file management, and perhaps play mp3 & Mov files. It doesn't need a browser, in fact cannot . it has a 1.2M floppy and a CD-ROM, no USB. Currently runs Windows NT(!)(because it has uSoft Office) and DOS.
Is there an old version of DSL?

I also have a newer desktop a little more robust:
AMD 486 1GHz 64 bit
30 &130Gb HD
offline, but does have CD/DVD & USB

would be nice to have Libre Office, play MP3's,

Welcome to the Forum.

Many people say you can run some Distros on computers with very low specs...maybe that's true...but it all boils down to what are you happy with. The better the specs...the better the system will preform and the more you can multi-task. By all means try some of the lite weight Distros...I've run some in Virtualbox but I've always given them plenty of space and Ram for them to run comfortably.

System Requirements are a joke...take Linux Mint...2GB RAM (4GB recommended for a comfortable usage). 20GB of disk space (100GB recommended).
I'm running Mint Cinnamon 21.1 on a 500GB SSD and have 16GB of Ram in my Tower and 4GB of Ram on a 500GB SSD in my Laptop...both are 64bit too and I wouldn't want specs any lower.

I use External HDDs and an SSD to backup files and System Images.
I also have a newer desktop a little more robust:
AMD 486 1GHz 64 bit
30 &130Gb HD
offline, but does have CD/DVD & USB
Try Bionic Puppy or antiX; as for the other one you can try to have fun with TinyCore, reserve that masochistic torture for later... when you don't know what to do with your time.
AMD 486 1GHz 64 bit
that would need checking, the first 64 bit [amd64] were the optron 64 and Athlon 64 bit, Intel did release their own 64 bit 486 based CPU but, it never really took off and is not considered compatible with modern 64 bit operating systems.

Word on the block is support for 32 bit will end within 2 years
"I use External HDDs ... to backup files and System Images."

yes, I do that too, have a disk image of the Dell laptop

yeah, now that I look at it, I'll forget the 386-40, I only use it because it has some nice games I play (live alone) Chess, Stratego, Hearts, 500, Yahtz
I should just get rid of the NT, no reason I need to use Windows Office 97 (the only version I have left of it), has to be the worst uSoft OS ever, although I can run some engineering software on it, but I'm retired now.

After looking at the newer desktop some more, I hesitate to pull the heatsink to see the CPU, can't find any docs, but I know it is a Socket A, and Via VT82C686B southbridge, I thought it was an AMD Athlon XP but now I'm thinking it is an Athlon Thunderbird (A1000AMT3B), in any case 32 bit, not 64, although the data bus is
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wow! that is a nice intro to installing Linux, Brickwizard
installing on the Dell was simple, but would have saved me a couple days on the Asus if I had seen that, some how-too's are over complicated with jargon the newbee won't understand
some how-too's are over complicated with jargon
I can swing both ways, do the full jargon thing or the 2 syllables keep it simple, as many newbies will also see my replies I try to keep it simple whenever possible

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