Sudo/root permissions not being accepted for access to /usr/local/share/tor-browser

I just did in a VM here, it took like 5 minutes:




Easy peasy. :)
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And you can: Download, extract, cd into the newly created directory, and run:
./start-tor-browser.desktop --register-app
And will this method
1. allow others to use the program (under their personal login profile, of course), and
2. allow the program to be recognized as a program (so that I can start it up from the Applications' List?

I'm trying it now to test out whether those two conditions can be met.
Okay - I was able to resolve the issue...the only problem is, I don't know the reason why it worked (for this reason, I'm considering the effort as a partial fail):

I fully removed all tor installs, then rebooted the system. Once I did that, I downloaded the tar package, checked .sig, and unzipped the file - all under my profile.

I then performed the dnf update and dnf upgrade -y. Once that was performed, I was able to move the directory from my home directory to the /usr/local/share directory (which was accepted under my regular user profile).

Once that was completed, I was able to successfully perform the --register-app command under my regular profile. (Positive benefit to this is now I know that that command works on other programs.)

I'll create another user profile later to fully test the functionality, as I have been working on this for the past four hours. Once I confirm functionality there, I'll move the folder to the /opt directory (still unsure of why the documentation mentions to place it in /usr/local/share, if everyone here recommends to move it to /opt shrugs), and create the link to the /usr/local/share/ directory.
(A question, upon that last sentence: should I create another folder in the /usr/local/share for the tor link?)

In any case, thanks to everyone for your help so far!
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