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Dec 24, 2022
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Denne side jeg er på har jeg fundet som app. Er det GNU/LINUX lige Windows, Ubuntu eller Google ?! er det det rette udgangspunkt, eller skal jeg downloade programmet til et USB stik eller CD ?!

This page I am on I have found as an app.Is that GNU/Linux just Windows, Ubuntu or Google ?!Is it the right starting point or should I download the program for a USB connector or CD?!

You will need to use a translator.

This is an English only site.

Google translate or DeepL translate
There are several hundred Linux desktop distributions, most will run on any equipment [some may need tweaking], Apple/mac machines are more difficult and with some Chromebooks it is not viable to install Linux on.

Firstly I do not recommend, many members will jump in with their favourite distributions, but what is right for them is not necessarily right for you or your kit,
what I do suggest is you download 5 or 6 different distributions to run "live" from a pen-drive to see which works best and which YOU like the look and feel of.
Popular builds for newbies are Linux-Mint, Ubuntu, MX-linux, Linux Lite [but can be a problem to install], and Debian stable with driver pack, A little off the wall you could try Parrot HOME [this is the daily desktop version of their security build] Please avoid Kali,& Pop as they can both be a right pain in the butt to set up,
If you have a machine built for W10 or W11, you will need to disable windows quick-start and secure boot [both usually found in the BIOS] and do a cold re-boot before you install.

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