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SOPA name changed to CISPA and up again

Discussion in 'General Computing' started by miks, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. miks

    miks Guest


    They just dont stop dont they.

    in support :
    AT&T-Boeing-BSA-Business Roundtable-CSC-COMPTEL-CTIA -The Wireless Association-Cyber, Space & Intelligence Association-Edison Electric-EMC-Exelon-Facebook-T*he Financial Services Roundtable-IBM-Independent Telephone & Telecommunications Alliance-Information Technology Industry Council-Intel-Internet Security Alliance-Lockheed Martin-Microsoft-National Cable & Telecommunications Association-NDIA-Oracle-Symant*ec-TechAmerica-US Chamber of Commerce-US Telecom-The Broadband Association

    I highly doubt Facebook is on board with CISPA. There's no way. They were one of the major companies against SOPA. Why would they switch sides now that wouldn't make sense.
  2. scotty

    scotty Guest

    I saw a note that Facebook was on board with it. I guess the SOPA people think if they change the name, they can slip past a few people. I think they will still face o[position, but I do believe a change is coming.
  3. psufootball

    psufootball Guest

    I still believe that even if these things do get pushed through they will be impossible to control. The internet is too big, and it's growing far too fast for anyone to control. It would take a world union to even attempt such an act, yet along just the United States.
  4. Victor Leigh

    Victor Leigh Guest

    I really wish that they will just go ahead and do it. Then they will find out how fast an alternative to the web can be set up. Seriously, I truly believe that the final solution is an alternative to the internet as we know it now.
  5. kInOzAwA

    kInOzAwA Guest

    whatever they set the name, it doesn't matter. Most ppl will still against them and let see the power of the community.
  6. psufootball

    psufootball Guest

    I believe that the fear is that eventually people will get tired of the constant protesting and in that time they will push one through. I mean, Wikipedia can't afford to go off-line just whenever.
  7. linbgs

    linbgs Guest

    "The latest attempt by Congress to try to regulate and control the Internet is no longer known as SOPA but CISPA: the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act"-RT

    Uh so what is a Cyber Threat?! Seriously? I just got through watching the video and the guest didn't really explain what a Cyber Threat was. I don't really like this. She says the Government will give companies incentives to give sensitive information over to the Government. So basically they are paying companies to spy on us i. e. Big brother?
  8. DaReaper

    DaReaper Guest

    Ah yeah, i got to know about it from the Email newsletters that i get from Demand Progress and a couple of other ones like care2. I'm really upset to see that even Facebook has made it's mind to be a part of the CISPA scheme just because these big companies are benefited from the information that they would receive from the law board.

    I personally am against all of these Modified versions of SOPA and it's predecessors.
  9. Darwin

    Darwin Guest

    This is all about the corporations losing money - it is as simple as that. If you pardon my French, the elitists are shitting themselves as their businesses are affected.

    Many musicians are embracing free downloads in the hope you turn up to their gigs... this is just an example of why the corporations are irate. Governments are owned by corporations and lobbyist... not hard to figure out.
  10. Snrm

    Snrm Guest

    The fact that congress keeps bringing this matter up makes me really start to lose faith in our government. The Internet is arguably the most powerful and influential thing in the world right now. It powers every other technology out there. Yet congress seems to not even know what the Internet truly is.
  11. psufootball

    psufootball Guest

    Congress knows very well what the internet is. They want to control it because they realize the potential and PR that it has.
  12. Victor Leigh

    Victor Leigh Guest

    I think that may just be the very reason why the government want to take control of the internet. It probably gives them nightmares to know that there is something more powerful and more influential than them.
  13. Snrm

    Snrm Guest

    The internet is a worldwide phenomenon and certainly does revolve around the United States only. I am sure many members of this forum are from all around the world! The United States has no way to take control of the Internet; the only thing that they can do is shut our eyes from it with censorship, like China does.
  14. Victor Leigh

    Victor Leigh Guest

    The fact that the US cannot control the internet doesn't stop them from trying. Just as it's impossible to tell other countries what to do. Yet the US has never stopped poking its nose into places where it has no business to be, in the first place.
  15. Darwin

    Darwin Guest

    Drone Servers should do it and GPS. The sooner those hacks get them SATs up in orbit the better. How about the moon server project or as PirateBay are supposedly doing - sticking a few drones up over Europe!

    Something needs to be done soon. Most of these bills will cause riots if passed in some countries.

    The fact that the US administration keep hiding these bills (breaking the constitution) shouild ring alarm bells with every US citizen... if you have not protested yet then join your nearest rally. It is time to stand up to the money men and law makers.
  16. CityGirlLuv

    CityGirlLuv Guest

    You are exactly right. Thing is though the US was built on a platform of power and control. Although we shouldn't be poking noses in other places, it's almost as if the US can't help but to, just for the sake of having a reputation of being number 1.
  17. psufootball

    psufootball Guest

    Pfftt. It's not always the US government. Take Kony for example- a group of people that think they're social activists.
  18. dogma68

    dogma68 Guest

    First time I heard about SOPA was when megaupload was taken down. That really sucked big time. A murderer and a rapist is given 5-10 years in prison, while the owner of mega upload gets more slap on the wrist. geeeeezzzzz
  19. Victor Leigh

    Victor Leigh Guest

    i am in full support of alternative routes to connect in the internet. At the moment, a large portion of internet traffic passes through data centres in the US. Which means that the US government can peek at the data passing through and stop the flow of data if they don't like what they see. Data that doesn't flow through US data centres will be much harder to track.
  20. Darwin

    Darwin Guest

    Unless the US passes the global regulations that keep them informed via sneaky government snoops in other countries. I find it hard to see how it can be upheld any attempt to dispose of sites in other countries without the aid of said countries - I see China becoming a bigger haven for file sharing sites.

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