SOPA name changed to CISPA and up again


Victor Leigh

Unless the US passes the global regulations that keep them informed via sneaky government snoops in other countries. I find it hard to see how it can be upheld any attempt to dispose of sites in other countries without the aid of said countries - I see China becoming a bigger haven for file sharing sites.
I can foresee that possibility, too. With their own huge domestic market, China would have the motivation to set up their own data centers. The only problem now, in my opinion, is that getting a dot cn domain is very expensive and there's a lot of work to be done to register one if you are not a citizen.


Stefano Messicano

The difference in between sopa and cispa is, whereas sopa would only allow for private censorship of internet, cispa also enables corporations to snoop on their users OR other people if they think their 'security' is at stake, 'in good faith'.Therefore, it gives a great opportunity to facebook.


CISPA is way worse than SOPA. Even if it doesn't pass the government will keep on bringing new laws. They will never stop. The bad thing for us non-americans is that it will eventually affect other continents. Europe will be first, I guess.


I wouldn't worry to much about it just yet - the Linux hackers will have this thing in pieces before the whole WWW has a mass blackout.

Personally as I have stated before - I cannot wait for a LINUX WWW, something like Linux Safe Net would be wonderful. I would be the first to have lsn.YourTube.lin


They can try however much they want,but they will never put up with their law.People won't allow it !

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