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Not sure if I'm posting to the right place, but here goes. I have a daughter who loves all things bovine. That being said, I'm using the bouncing Cow screensaver on Mate (Tina 19.2) just so she can see it when she comes over. Is there a way I could download the screensaver (as a screensaver) to a thumb drive so she could put it on her Windows (SHUDDER) laptop?


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Might be a whole passel of pain, girl :), but then someone may have the jump on me with a simple solution? :D

My Tina Cinnamon does not have other than a generic screensaver, it seems MATE is the focus for them, so I swung over to a Tessa MATE (19.1) I have available.

It does not have Tina's range eg Bouncing Cow, so I chose one at random called discoball. For your cow, you would get the name to substitute from the GUI (desktop) list you chose it from.

[email protected]:~$ locate discoball
... so in my case, 4 references in 4 spots with 4 varying file paths (hierarchies).

Size will be OK for putting on a stick, but getting it to make sense at the receiving end will be the trick.

I'll take a look around and see if I learn anything, and you can too if you wish, with a Google under eg

convert linux screensaver to windows

You'll be awake when I am catching zzz's

BTW I like the "shudder" - you make a good recruit :cool:


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I havn't been using screensavers for years, but last time I did under Windows screensavers were simple executable files that you had to place in a specific folder.

According to this and in order to use a linux screensaver under windows, you will need to find a windows port (so a windows version) of this screensaver.

On debian the screensaver your a refering to is in the xscreensaver-gl-extra package. Since this is a GL screensaver porting to Windows should'nt be that hard. I'll give it a look.

EDIT : really funny screensaver BTW


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I checked the source code. It made me smile :D so many funny things in the comments.

The good point is that this is a simple program. Few GL calls, easy physics, model mesh and textures are available...
In order to make it work on windows one would need to remove all the bindings to xlib. It's not a big deal but still a few hours job.
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JulienCC and @wizarddromoz, I appreciate the research you both have done on this. This sounds pretty far out of my league for now, I'm so new to the inner workings of computers. I think I'll have to wait on this awhile.

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