Rent Kali Linux Server

Please explain what a Kali Linux server is and what you (think you will?) do with it.
I would use it for testing the Security of my phone, so it only needs to be a weak Server. Nothing too powerful.
Android has long had the ability to monitor your device for harmful code or suspicious activity — no third-party apps or add-ons required. And while the system should be enabled by default on any reasonably current device, it's a good idea to occasionally confirm that everything's turned on and working the way it should.

Mosey on over to the Security & Location section of your system settings, tap the line labeled "Google Play Protect," and then make sure "Scan device for security threats" is checked. That'll allow Android's app verification system to keep an eye on all apps on your device, even after they're installed, and make sure none of them does anything dangerous. The scanning will run silently in the background and won't ever bother you unless something suspicious is found.

Odds are, you'll never even know it's there. But it's a valuable piece of protection and peace of mind to have.
You can use old hardware to create your own, you can get a $5/mo server from somewhere like digitalocean or linode and set it up..

But I don't believe there's anywhere you can rent one.

The comments from @arochester above should help you to find out more info from the kali community where I belive they'll tell you the same thing.

If someone does offer to set up and rent a server to you, be wary.
I'm with everybody else on this.
You aren't likely to be able to find somewhere to rent a pre-installed Kali server. And I don't think I'd trust anybody who did rent them tbh.

I also fail to understand the need for a server.

Your best bet would be to dd a copy of the Kali .iso to a USB thumbdrive and use that to live-boot a laptop or a desktop PC.
You can run Kali as a live-distro without affecting anything that is installed on your PCs hard drive.

Once you've booted into Kali, you can audit the security of your phone.... Assuming you're proficient enough with Kali's toolset, that is?! Even with a rented server, you will still need to know what tools to use and how to use them.

So why bother with a server? Why not use it directly?
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... means maybe

Kali server, I want you to find it. I recommend that you rent a server to install kali and protect it. Kali is an electronic forensic attack system, which means it has no security at all.

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