Red Hat 9 beta released


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May 3, 2019
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Redhat finally has link time optimization during compiling. (The hobbyist distro's have had this for how long?)
More apps have moved over to LLVM/Clang
And Python 2 is officially gone from Redhat. (I suspect this will kill further Python2 development just about everywhere).

Made a typo in the title of this thread, I see no way to edit it. But it should be redhat 9.
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Made a tpo in the title of this thread, I see no way to edit it. But it should be redhat 9.
You can edit the thread and then change the title to 9.
It should probably be "Red Hat ...", if you're really feeling like editing the title.
LOL Computers have killed millions and millions of jobs. If a computer can do the job better, that's a good reason to use a computer. Not using a computer just to keep someone employed is pure silliness, so long as the computer does as good or better than the meatsack that used to do the job. If anything, it means the human can learn new skills and get a better job.

Eventually, we're gonna enter the post-scarcity world (or we're going to extinct ourselves before we get there). We might as well start preparing for that now. We will have a UBI, among other things.
Some of us feel the same way about Micro$oft

Check the article date it's April 1st 2016 you don't even need to read the article to figure this is a joke. o_O :oops:
We are getting a little off-track here :)
But even so Microsoft and Canonical do have strategic partnerships.
Ubuntu is the "default" Linux distro in Azure (owned by Microsoft)
The "default" WSL is based on Ubuntu.

Oracle is ok at lest they dont force me to buy ther service to use their operating system
Oracle is not OK because they screw you over with licensing.

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