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Feb 29, 2024
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I have a problem, the server room has damaged my virtual machine files. Apparently the entire RAID physically crashed and they couldn't rebuild it.

They gave me the files of my machine on which I have FTP + MySQL services. Mainly I want to recover several Wordpress + database installations.

In the main tar.gz directory I have 3 files VM disk 0 part2.1.. etc. I am currently copying them to my local HDD.

Zrzut ekranu 2024-02-29 171757.png

The question is where to start, what tools you recommend using or what action scenario to cover.

I don't want to recover the VM image, but mainly to get to the file store where WordPress and SQL are located and their copies in subfolders.

I'm wondering if I should use TestDisk or something else? The system was CentOS.

Install virtualization software and see if you can create a new vm using those images and see if the vm boots. If that doesn't work you could create a new vm with those images attached as disk, boot with testdisk and then do scan and see what happens. I haven't used testdisk very often so I can't excactly remember how it works. I hope that's not your only copy and you made daily backup?
Some of the files I have but there is another part of which I do not have a copy and I need to get to them at any cost. Thanks for the information f33.. :) , I will do as you say I will fire up a copy of this server on Virtualbox if it doesn't work I want to fly with the repair.

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