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    Recovery data

    I have a problem, the server room has damaged my virtual machine files. Apparently the entire RAID physically crashed and they couldn't rebuild it. They gave me the files of my machine on which I have FTP + MySQL services. Mainly I want to recover several Wordpress + database installations. In...
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    How to find out which script causes the CPU load

    Today I got into trouble and I catch this virus https://secure.wphackedhelp.com/blog/remove-wp-vcd-malware-wordpress/ I removed files like in tutorial, scanned with scanners, make firewall, blocked user (from screen) etc and my cpu loads decreased from 100% to 50-80% and thats is still problem...
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    Is it right to use chmod 777 when this is the only option?

    Firstly good morning. I am a recent user of ubuntu, it must have been about two months that I use it, anyway, I started a WordPress course and in it we used xampp to not need to buy a direct host, however the problem is that WP cannot create new files, either when I download a new theme or...