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Jim Laughlan


This is a light version of Linux that's getting its feet off the ground. The GUI looks exactly like Windows XP, but in Linux. I use it in a Virtualbox and it runs rather nicely. Give it a shot. Can't hurt. The minimum HW requirements is calculated as equivalent of Pentium 300MHz / 128MB RAM / 3GB disk.


Okay. I have an older laptop (DELL) that I have not used for almost a year. It has Windows XP installed on it and I have used the laptop for over 10 years. Well, it has come up with the message that my Windows XP is not genuine and it will allow me to do next to nothing on it. I have 18+gb harddrive and I do not know how much memory. It also has a CD and a floppy and two usb 1.0 "ports." Do you think your software would work on my laptop? I am retired now, living in the Philippines and want to use the laptop for genealogy work. It would be great for that. It would be nice to be able to save what is on the harddrive now (other than Windows XP) but if that is not possible, I have most backedup anyway.

I would need to download the software onto this desk top and then copy it to a stick to get it onto the laptop. If you think it would work, can you give me advice on how to get this done? Thanks in advance for your input.

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