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Feb 15, 2021
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Does anyone know of a good website where the main thing is "No Copyright" or "Public Domain" license for those who want to share? IS there another one for game assets or vector art images as well?

I have some 4K photographs in RAW format I would like to contribute.

simply do a search on "copyleft photo sites" -- bunches came up
I was hoping for someone who has experience with a site before I decide to pick one invest my time in one only to find out they simply suck. For example this is from Pexel

"identifiable people may not appear in a bad light or in a way that is offensive. This includes, for example, portraying people pictured engaging in criminal activities, suffering from a medical ailment, or in a pornographic context."

It would suck to invest all that time into one and they turn around and terminate your account with all your contributions gone because of some bs snowflake finding something not offensive being considered offensive.
Why set up a site of your own based on say, weebly?
Then, you call the shots! There are some good cheap website builders out there.
I used to use the public domain section of a site called

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