Please help me asap | Kali Gnu Grub Bootloader v2.02

if it includes


give output of

linux /vm






(I put it in spaces so its easier to read)
ok, then

ls (hd0,1)/
ls (hd0,2)/

and then

ls (hd0,3)/
ls (hd0,1): efi/
ls (hd0,2): ./ ../ lost+found/ boot/ etc/ media/ vmlinuz.old var/ bin usr/ sbin lib lib32 lib64 libx32 dev/ home/ proc/ root/ run/ sys/ tmp/ mnt/ srv/ opt/ .cache/ initrd. img.old vmlinuz initrd. img

ls (hd0,3)/: Filesystem is unknown.
ok, so your esp is on /dev/sda1, your root is /dev/sda2

you are on uefi-gpt and that is the best setup for linux.

/dev/sda3 - who knows?

you have both vmlinuz and vmlinuz.old but i am not sure how to drag the kernel number out of vmlinuz.

i have just completed a burn of


to usb stick, do you recall if that is the .iso you used? released january.
Kali-linux 64-bit installer 2020.1b
(Latest from
bummer - that is going to make it tougher

the installer is beyond my paygrade, i just work with full .isos burned to a stick

i take it the installer is like a stub that allows you to download files from the net to build the install, does that sum it up?
going offline while i reboot into kali live
Does this mean i will have to wait until this pandemic is over for a computer to install a live version?
Could you atleast give me advice? I dont want to wait this long.
Can't you just get a VM so you can install it and teach me to fix it from there?

If you cannot help beyond this point, I would like to contact the creator of kali linux if possible.
don't panic, i wouldn't be a wizard if i didn't have a couple of tricks up my sleeve, at least 2 of them

the kali people will likely, effectively, to piss off - that is, they will say if you don't have enough knowledge to fix kali you have no business running it.

i'll be back
Honestly, i choose kali because i like coding and exploring.
After this is done and i can use linux it will be the first time i even experience it.
I want to explore kali. If people say i shouldnt because i dont know it then they can go back off because idc lol
back now but only for a few minutes - it is my wedding anniversary and we are out for lunch

not questioning your choice only predicting the kali folk

and just fyi, what i say to some folks is this

Do be aware that despite our site name, we are not an official arm nor organ of LInux - just jagged the domain name early in the piece.

We are staffed and manned by happy volunteers who enjoy their Linux, and have varying levels of skills and knowledge in many areas. Also timezones are from around the world, so response times can be a little frustrating

Hope we can help :)

so we are not acquainted with the kali people.

did you try

linux /vm


i am in my kali at the moment. the syntax of the kernels is different to that which alex described earlier.

eg (no use of generic, that is for ubuntu and mint)


and the executables




so you could try one of those with what alex was saying, but sda2, not 1


linux /boot/vmlinuz-5.3.0-kali3-amd64 root=/dev/sda2

i also want you to try

don't press enter

set notify

but just type in

set not

and press tab and see if it completes, if so, erase that

back in a couple of hours
The linux/vm thing dosent work.
Nor completes

Set notify dosent complete

Set not gives this output

set not (pressed tab once): set not/
set not (pressed tab twice): set not/efi/
set not (pressed tab third time): possible files are:

ubuntu/ boot/ kali/
ok i'm back, hopefully you are sleeping

the kernel in use with that installer is


which is one kali newer than that used by my kali

so we will use a little different method to that suggested by @Alexzee and I will explain the difference whether it works or not

reboot the computer to bring up a fresh grub prompt


type in these lines, entering between them

grub> set root=(hd0,2)
grub> linux /boot/vmlinuz-5.4.0-kali4-amd64 root=/dev/sda2
grub> initrd /boot/initrd.img-5.4.0-kali4-amd64
grub> boot

if that gets you into kali login screen, userid is likely root and password the one you chose

if you get to the desktop open Terminal, and enter

sudo update-grub

on completion remove the installer stick and reboot and see how you go


after 4 your time hope you have no plans today :)

i'm rebooting to a different distro
Hello, @wizardfromoz. Sorry for ping.
It seems this isnt permanent as when it finished, i waited a while and rebooted to test if it works. It dosent.

Is there a permanent fix?

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