Please help me asap | Kali Gnu Grub Bootloader v2.02

You said that the download failed:-

What were you downloading that failed?
We can help best when we have detailed explanations.

Tried downloading parrotos
Now i realize that i want to stick with kali
Oof, you know what, it dosent matter anymore i just want a OS where i can code, test, etc
I think i have a fix for grub
Can you tell me how to install from live version?
I think i have a fix for grub
Can you tell me how to install from live version?
Basically you plug in the usb flash drive with Linux on it.
BIOS. Once your in the BIOS set the machine to boot to the usb device. In other words make the usb stick to be the first choice in the boot menu.
Save the changes and exit.

Upon exiting the BIOS your laptop should boot directly into the Live install.
so if you download kali-linux-2020.1-live-amd64.iso from you could try that.

this is what you would have been better using in the first place.

morning all

actually i have just taken a quick look at the start of the video and have reservations, but i'll leave it with you and alex.

with the live you can always use it as a booting instrument for diagnostics and troubleshooting, and in particular, use it chroot into a broken install to fix it.

you cannot do that with the pure installer.

but see how you go :)
If you are still having trouble downloading Parrot try downloading it from here at Distrowatch.

That link might work better for you, let me know how it goes.
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On that page Parrot-Security-4.8_x64.iso worked when I tried to download it. Also, Parrot-kde-security-4.8_x64.iso worked too.

See where the mouse pointer is in the screenshot. That's where I tried downloading it and it worked.
Here are some links for Parrot that will help you.

Parrot Forum

After finding the SVM setting in my BIOS running Parrot Security in Virtual Box was a breeze.

It runs great!

Parrot in VBox.png
Well, ParrotSecurityOS is Good.
Unfortunately ive just decided that I wanted to make the switch back to Windows.
WoeUSB or Terminal doesn't work and the windowsISO file wont boot because its partitioning is in UDF format.
I cannot find a work around, so I will just have to wait untill this pandemic is over to get my hands on a PC to create a Installation Media
So we can see my struggle here.
Other then that, parrot works fine. I am still finding issues like with Grub bootloader.
a bit slow on my device which seems weird and ubuntu, or any linuxOS can't be downloaded?!
Reasoning behind why I mentioned that is because supposedly, There are WoeUSB supported distros (woeusb included with tools) which I believe is a hoax. And i'd like to check it out

Despite these minor issues that can be fixed over the time that this pandemic is done, I'm enjoying Parrot a bit and still trying to find ways to get windows back haha. I'm losing my mind trying to figure out the process / method.

How are you?
Also, Thanks for asking haha
I'm doing good, enjoying Parrot in Virtual Box.
I like it enough that I think I'll install Parrot today and start learning how to use all the penn tools.

Do you have the Windows disks?
If so you can reinstall Windows.

Did you tell the Parrot installer to use the whole disk and get rid of Windows?
I fully removed windows.
The only way i coukd get windows back is from getting it on usb

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