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online poker is only available on android but someone said to download linux..can i download poker on linux???


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It shouldn't matter which OS you're using nowadays i'd think for online poker, but I found this if you're looking to install a poker game on your system:


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online poker is only available on android but someone said to download linux..can i download poker on linux???
I play online poker too and unfortunately most poker clients won't work on Linux, the only one I managed to get working using wine was Poker Stars but I don't play there anymore. You might try playing using the flash client right from the browser click on instant play and if you're lucky you could start playing, if you receive some message like ooops! browser not supported or something like that then you'll need to install some user agent switcher plugin in your browser for chrome/chromium and for firefox. This one works just fine and site's quite good. There are many other sites you can "instant-play" but no desktop client since almost every single one is a .exe file. Guess they don't think Linux users have money to play Poker lol Also, you could create a Windows virtual machine using virtualbox and install the poker clients there, I do that too and it works better than using wine or play on Linux.

Hope this helps! :)

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