Okta: Breach Affected All Customer Support Users


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Apr 30, 2017
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When KrebsOnSecurity broke the news on Oct. 20, 2023 that identity and authentication giant Okta had suffered a breach in its customer support department, Okta said the intrusion allowed hackers to steal sensitive data from fewer than one percent of its 18,000+ customers. But today, Okta revised that impact statement, saying the attackers also stole the name and email address for nearly all of its customer support users.

That makes me wonder...

What percentage of linux.org users have 2FA enabled?
Maybe time for a poll ?
Maybe time for a poll ?

An admin might have exact figures, but maybe?

I use 2FA. It's the responsible thing for me to do, especially as I have a privileged account.
2fa here....everywhere I am able to

Those places that don't support it in any way, are being weeded out

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