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Hi,all.I've been messing around with Linux since Ubuntu 16.04 was new.I tried a few Ubuntu derivatives,but here I am back on Ubuntu(18.04).I just can't seem to get my dual monitors to work right on the derivatives.Vanilla Ubuntu may not have some of the nifty features of the others,but it works great with few glitches.Speaking of nifty features,I just found a screensaver program that plays a different screensaver on each monitor.Stereovision or something.Cheaper than cable!!


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G'day @ReginaBob ... I won't say welcome to because you've already been here for quite a while, but never too late to say Hi here :)

So share the love ... what was the screensaver program?


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Hello and welcome ReginaBob. Yes, Xscreensaver is a great app. It's been around for years. I got into Linux back in 2007 and had it installed back then. There's an "addon" screensaver you should check out called Electric Sheep After installation, it's another screensaver in the list within Xscreensaver. My only grip with Xscreensaver is that it doesn't detect that you're watching a video/movie and will come on when I don't want it. The work around is to disable the screensaver before starting it, then turn it back on after the movie is over.

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