My laptop Dell Inspiron 3542(i3 4th gen) is not shutting down completely.

In bios, try disabling setting the Logical Processor setting to Disabled.

make sure to Save the settings before exiting the bios

If this has no effect, it can easily be set back to the way it was
I don't have anything like that. Yes i facing this problem more than 2 years, and this repair is recent And about my laptop repair, before repairing three consecutive beeps and not opening any thing except cpu fan keep running fast, no lcd
On repair shop they tell me, there is motherboard issue and didn't tell more about that neither I asked .
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There's a reasonable chance that the problem of failure to shutdown fully is related to the ACPI power management system since the linux distros that are mentioned have apparently shut themselves down properly, but the message isn't being conveyed to the machine's firmware or software.

Since the problem appears to be intermittent, a reasonable approach to get more information on what is happening is to read (and record) the logs which occur before a successful full shutdown, and read (and record) the logs which occur before a failed full shutdown. The differences in the information may throw some light on the matter.

Logs appear in files such as /var/log/messages, /var/log/syslog, /var/log/kern.log, and are also accessible through using the command: journalctl.

Unfortunately there is a problem with ACPI implementations that companies put into their BIOS/UEFI because they often do not fully apply the ACPI standards which linux does follow, hence the linux kernel will identify as errors the shortcomings it finds in the ACPI implementations.
Thanks for your kind reply, I will try to compre those logs. Next time.
I will try to compre those logs.

copy and paste the logs to here...or better still use an upload service....something like: or similar

By doing that you only need to post the link and then the people here can access it easily.

The good people here will spot something far more quickly than you will....and there is the added chance that you may miss something important
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