1. D

    My laptop Dell Inspiron 3542(i3 4th gen) is not shutting down completely.

    Laptop is not shutting down Completely in any linux distro but it shutdown in windows 10. My laptop is Dell Inspiron 3542, core i3 4th gen. First what happening when I power off by shutdown button in menu or using cli, laptop disconnect every peripheral devices, lcd goes off as normal shutdown...
  2. @username

    How do I diagnose what causes my OS to "deteriorate" over time?

    Hello! I'm new to the Linux community and would like to ask you for general guidelines on diagnosing and then fixing OS problems. So here is my situation: I'm running Kubuntu 22.04.2 LTS x86_64 with the 5.15.0-67 kernel on an AMD Radeon RX6800M laptop (this will be important later). I'm a big...
  3. ghosty999

    Solved Constant Freezing Forcing me back to Windows

    I'm at a total loss... I purchased a Dell Latitude 7390 to dual boot Windows and Mint as I usually do. I go do the usual BIOS things like turn off fast boot, safe boot, C-state, RAID etc I then grab an ISO, do checksum verification, burn ISO via Rufus to a 32gb stick. Once installed, I boot into...
  4. T

    Installing Kali Linux on windows subsystem minimal install need help

    I am new to all this but want to learn. been trying for days to figure this out. I have installed WSL2 on my computer and made sure to enable all features to run and use kali linux. I have just fixed a problem to actually use the GUI for kali linux using kex. but now my problem is only having...