MSI Titan GT80


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Mar 10, 2024
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had almost everything run well on it. i7, dual Nvidia 980m video cards. Kind of obsolete but has a nice mechanical keyboard and lots of slots of SSDs.

Oracle Linux, Redhat, Ubuntu has been tested on it.. as well as some other flavors.

EDIT: I meant to post this in the laptop sub-forum.
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Thank you
I got a couple of extra SSDs in it and want to install a pair of Linux distros.
I am thinking one from the Redhat family and one from the Debian side of the tree.

What I love about these older dinosaurs is that they were (and still are) capable gaming machines, which means they do not lack performance. The original SSD configuration in RAID'ed for best performance. But I did undid the RAID, it's a moot point with fast SSDs.

The older, the original Titan was all SATAII and came with 5 internal SSDs, 4 M.2 2280s and one 2.5" SATAIII. I could never get the 2.5" to become a bootable OS but the other 4 are great for that purpose.

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