hey guys
I keep seeing microsoft is getting linux kernel amongst other things.What are linux getting back.
And wont it be the same as always microsoft need something so they cosy up to yer and when they have
it .They Feck you off.
Is it just me but it seems linux gives and microsoft take.
Just a thought de ja vou.


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Back in Windows 3.5 (server/workstation) they were POSIX compatible. They also made sure they worked with Novel, even though it was competition. They needed to be compatible with as much as possible. Once they became the king of the hill they were able to 'feck off' everyone and say now you come to us. But now they're in trouble. There's so much Linux in the Enterprise now and I don't think any phones have Windows on them anymore. So they're becoming less relevant and they know it and they have to find ways to bring people back. I think this is one of those attempts. 'Hey look, you can run your Linux apps on Windows'. Yeah, like we'd want to. LOL.

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