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I've been under considerable strain last two years due to Wife's illness with two young kids and no family support network U.K ; its one of the reasons we are headed Ghana . Thought i would just put this thread down ..trouble shared is trouble ½

Topics that might be addressed could be " suppressed anger" , " trauma as a child, you don't remember but is expressing itself today", "depression" , " cognitive behavior therapy" can bring in metaphysics if you like , any one heard of Emmet Fox ?
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Andy is one step ahead of me (not hard to be, given there are tortoises who can run laps around me).

He and I had been discussing this subject recently, and I had undertaken to start a Thread in the near future. He has taken up the gauntlet, which is great and to be commended, as readers could be forgiven for getting tired of "hearing" my mouth engaged in gear :p

I have 8 clinically diagnosed mental disorders, being -
  • (Adult) ADD-ADHD
  • Agoraphobia
  • Asperger's Syndrome
  • Narcissism
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Panic Disorder
  • Paranoia
  • Personality Disorder Not Otherwise Specified
I am 62, but not diagnosed until I was 44.

any one heard of Emmet Fox ?
Name rings a bell, tell us more.

Thank you Andy for being up front, and for being such an asset (not a handicap) to this site ;)

We should promote you from Captain to General.

Cheers all, and it's Friday here in Oz, so


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I've been a Friend of Bill W's for a while, now. That's why the name Emmett Fox struck a weak chord. Found some info and links I'll share.

Regarding Fox and AA.
Which references Henry Drummond's The Greatest Thing In The World.

Since hard physical work is what I did in my younger years, regular physical exercise is a must for me when dealing with stress. Supplements like Eleuthero and American Ginseng help tame the physical aspect of it, when coupled with exercise.

I must go to Nature, away from people, to find some sort of what others call 'meditation.' I call it 'quieting the shitty commitee in my mind.' Also, I must find a way to do something for others.

Some say prayer is talking with the Spirit of the Universe and meditation is listening for the answer. Spirituality is NOT religion. I rejected the latter long ago. I NEED the former. But it requires action.

Linux is an avocation which stemmed from working on Sun workstations in GIS. Now it is a form of communicaion -- a tool by which I may help others if I am spiritually fit. But it's not the only one I must use to keep my sanity.

The latter is more and more a necessity in this modern world, which throughout history has tended to separate humans from their source, IMO.

Trouble shared is trouble halved -- correct. How one shares it makes a big difference. Courage is required, as is Wisdom, which comes from a source we cannot name nor perceive through physical means.

More power to you, captain-sensible!

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