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Mar 22, 2024
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Hi! Putticha Srisuriyapong, that is my name. or you can call me Beam for short. Now I study in king mongkut's university of technology north bangkok. I write this post because I want to learn how to install vscode in Ubuntu Linux. please be kind to me tho.

For my Github link: (This is my final project for Fundamental Computer Infrastructure And Networking subject)

Which Linux distribution are you using?
Many Linux distributions have packages available for vscode, which you can install using your Linux distributions package management tools.

And if your chosen distribution doesn’t have a native package available, they also have a snap package available.

And I believe there are .tar.gz and CLI based installers available from the vscode downloads page on the M$ website.

But the best way of installing vscode will depend on which Linux distribution you’re using.

I recommend looking at this page:

That has all of the information for installing vscode on Linux.
If I wanted this, I'd be inclined to go with the VSCodium AppImages from Github :-


Make executable, and click to run, regardless of location. Simple...!

Mike. :)

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