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Manjaro KDE

Jeffrey Lapinski

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To any Manjaro KDE users out there... since a system update a few days ago (2/19/19) system settings won't open? I haven't tried to play around with it yet but I am wondering if anyone else is having issues with opening applications since updating? All of my other Manjaro installs are working well.


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G'day Jeffrey :)

I downloaded KDE 23rd January but haven't put it on yet. I can, this weekend, probably.

It's manjaro-kde-17.1.12-stable-x86_64.iso - does that sound about right?

And you know, being King of the Timeshift, I'm going to ask -

do you have a current snapshot of your KDE?

Friday here, so


yer mate across the Pacific

Jeffrey Lapinski

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It's Manjaro 18.03 the stable edition. I scoped around on the Manjaro forum and it appears that there have been quite a few issues with this last update however not this particular issue. Damnit, I knew you'd ask me that question... :oops:

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