Linux practise project for beginners


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Mar 27, 2021
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Good afternoon!

I have been studying Linux for about 2 months, during this time I have solved many similar tasks "create a folder, create a file / script" . Now I'm trying to find an interesting practical project on Linux, which would include a different Linux topics and skills that will need to solve it. I will be glad if someone shares an idea of what project can be implemented for a beginner.
If you are a teacher and you have materials or projects that can be implemented, I will also be grateful to you!

P.S This post was created because for beginners there are a lot of similar tasks where you need to do something but often such tasks are uninteresting and boring. I hope the comments under this post and the ideas will help me and other beginners in learning.

Set up SSH on a second computer so that you can control that computer from the first one.

That's a good, relatively easy project that can be tackled by a beginner.
Although not a "project" this Linux site has a lot of practical, hands-on learning exercises (and fun!).
I also found "The Linux Cookbook" to be very fun and chock full of practical examples and exercises.
From these perhaps a "project" can be devised.
Creating a Linux tutorial with documentation, pictures, slides, videos, etc. could be a fun, educational project. And would likely be appreciated by many budding Linux enthusiasts :)

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