Libreoffice usage question?


Jul 25, 2023
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So when you install Linux and get started Libreoffice is already in there. Libreoffice is good. I like it, and have used it before. I like also that it doesn't cost a ton like MS OFFICE suite etc.

Anyway, when you open up a .TXT file in Linux it does this very efficient organization where if you have 2 or more .TXT files open you have all of them in a tab within the document area with the tab at the top. This feels much nicer, and is less cluttered than doing it the way Word and other word processors have them all using up all the space at the bottom, and with all of them being a separate tab at the bottom, instead of having them all clustered in one word group with a sub-tab in it.

Why don't they do this with the word version of Libreoffice here on Linux? Its way less cluttered. And feels very nice to not have all the space taken up at the bottom. It also makes it easier to switch around, because the other way around if you have a bunch of stuff open, you read a point where you lose more time switching from one document to another. If you have all of the same type in a cluster tab like the .TXT files do in Linux then you can switch between documents very quickly. This makes you more efficient.

Well, what do you think about this? I would guess they don't already have this or it would already be in the setup... So I doubt you can change how they are clustered when .doc and .docx files are open with 2 or more?

Why don't they make it so it could be all under the same tab?

Why don't they make it so it could be all under the same tab?

You'd have to ask them. We aren't LibreOffice or anything like that. They do have their own forums where you can ask that question.