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Hello, my name is Timothy, and I titled the thread this way as it is sure to get views by those that love my OS of choice. I started out using Linux for the very reason that many of us do, for the "free as in beer" price. I stay with Linux for the very reason that also, many of us do, the "free as in freedom' philosophy. I am neither a geek, nor a ludite, I fit someplace in between. I am on my computer constantly, and I am a right click coder (cut/paste/gui dev tools) but I seem to be able to get the job done, whatever that may mean at the time. I love web development, but I find myself having to delve into python and other scripting languages a lot more these days. I am constantly updating my system by adding and removing software, trying to find that perfect mix, something that I could never afford to do an a Winbox. I am not a Leet who loves to update my kernel with the morning coffee, and the newest gui tools have probably retarded my poweruser learning curve in the last few years, but even as Linux becomes more like the classic point and click desktop with the newest DEs, I still love to fire up the old terminalor Vi and feel like a computer scientist for a bit. Glad to be here and hope that I have something to offer as welll as looking forward to all of the information that I will surely glean from other members.



Good introduction you've posted there, it's good to have on you on the Linux Forum's, welcome aboard solider! ;)


Hey Timothy! Welcome to Linux Forum. :p

That's a pretty impressive title for an introduction hahaha.

It's really nice to know that you prefer to use Linux the way it is.


hahahaha right click coder? I love it :D Thats my cousins new name from now on!!! Gosh is he bad at that.. Anyways welcome to the forum and I have to say that has to be one of the best intros I've read here so far :D

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