kali linux live stuck on grub minimal BASH-like line editing

If you want to learn to use Linux, first read my post in getting started

Decide what method you wish to use for installation.

Popular beginner distributions

Parrot Home edition * see comment
any of the Ubuntu family
Mint 21.02
MX-AHS [ best for machines under 3 yrs old]
Linux Lite

Parrot home edition is the daily workhorse of the Parrot family, the pentesting tools are already in the software manager. There are also 3 other builds, Parot-sec which is similar to Kali [all the same tools] Parrot-architect for experienced users only. And Hack the box, a specialist distribution built for Hack the box [Hack The Box is a platform that offers hacking experiences for individuals, businesses, and universities to improve their cybersecurity capabilities] these 3 are definitely not for the beginner.

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